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We are constantly developing new technologies, and improving processes and products to make sure we always offer the very best.

Exceptional expertise in all areas.

The SARIA Group in Poland conducts its business activity nationwide and its operations comprise three main business areas. First one involves all kind of SERVICES related to collection, transport, and management of animal by-products from agriculture, food and meat processing industry. Customers include large, medium and small meat factories, abbatoirs, meat processing plants, animal breeders, catering companies, restaurants, food stalls, hotels and food producers.

The second area of activity involves manufacturing of meat and bone meal, rendered fats and soil improvers. With many years of experience and use of modern technologies SARIA PRODUCTS meet the highest quality standards and find application in agriculture and many branches of processing, pharmaceutical and food processing industry.

Recent SARIA Poland’s investments concentrate on facilities for biogas production. The ENERGY from renewable sources represents both the future and the challenge.


SARIA Poland offers  a wide-ranging portfolio of products and services – perfectly aligned with our customers and markets.

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