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Fast, safe, hygienic. 
Services of the highest standard.


 Fast and flexible all the time: SARIA employees collect animal by-products with special vehicles practically nationwide. 

The best proof that the SARIA Group companies are reliable partners when it comes to the disposal of all kinds of animal by-products is happy customers. Special vehicles also collect carcasses and materials of various categories practically throughout Poland and transport them to the SARIA treatment plants.

The comprehensive offer directed to the agricultural and industrial sector is perfectly completed by the services provided under the ReFood brand, including collection of kitchen waste, out-of-date food and used frying fats in special green containers. SARIA customers in this area include mainly restaurant and supermarket chains, hotels, restaurants and catering companies.

Owing to reliability, flexibility and high quality of services SARIA enjoys great trust among its customers. SARIA Poland performs the service to the biggest factories in Poland from the meat and food production industry, supermarket chains, restaurants, hotels and catering companies and provide comprehensive services for thousands of companies!

The SARIA Group companies provide a full range of waste management services through its subsidiaries!

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