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From kitchen waste to energy carriers.

 SARIA uses kitchen waste from catering industry for biogas production.

In the supermarket industry the products past their sell-by-date are immediately taken off the shelves and quickly become waste which has to be suitably disposed of. The same applies for restaurants and all catering facilities where the leftovers become post-consumer waste.


Under the ReFood brand SARIA companies offer comprehensive services in collection of out-of-date food, foodstuffs taken off the market or not allowed to be marketed and post-production food waste.

Customers receive tailored package of services: SARIA offers them specialised advice on waste disposal items, provide them with special green containers with the capacity of 120 or 240 litres, and agree with the customers on how often they would like the containers collected.

At SARIA the leftovers from the catering and commerce industry are not wasted but can be transformed into energy. Innovative technologies allow to process waste and use it for biogas production.

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