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Reliability and safety.

 Professional disposal services also include collection of animals liquidated as part of fight against contagious diseases.

Disposal of fallen farm animals is a specialised service which requires extreme care to ensure safety and hygiene as well as willingness to act in a flexible way, tailored to customers’ needs and unusual situations resulting from fortuitous events.

With a fleet of specialised vehicles, SARIA collects such type of animal by-products throughout Poland and then, depending on the results of veterinary and epidemiological tests, safely and quickly transports it to the relevant own disposal facilities. Directly after delivering the material it is processed according to strictly defined stages. SARIA ensures highest level of safety owing to application of strict procedures and modern technology.

SARIA is a reliable partner for farmers, animal breeders, forest and veterinary services, and communes when it comes to collection of fallen farm, companion, wild and exotic animals.

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