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SARIA Polska and JKK Group merge activities

SARIA Polska and the JKK Group intend to merge their activities in the animal by-product processing sector. A corresponding agreement was just signed. Download

Products and services

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SARIA Poland is one of the largest and most modern companies nationwide which comprehensively deals with management of animal by-products, kitchen waste and out-of-date food. Goods supplied to the market by SARIA Poland are high quality intermediate products used as an important raw material for production in many branches of industry.



Products that everyone knows
Thanks to many years of experience and state-of-the-art technologies, SARIA products meet quality standards and are used in agriculture and many branches of processing and chemical industry.
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Energy that conserves natural resources

Natural resources of fossil fuels are limited – renewable energies are the future! The SARIA Group has responded to this challenge and plans to invest in Poland in the facilities for production of biogas from kitchen waste and out-of-date food. 
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Essential services

Whenever there is waste or by-products in catering, trade or food industry, these products have to be quickly and cleanly recycled. SARIA subsidiaries take on all of the tasks involved  from record keeping, through safe transport to professional management of such type of materials. They also deal with comprehensive management of animal by-products from farming and meat processing industry. 
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