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Długi Borek – in harmony with nature.

 Długi Borek - proven know-how, investments in environmental protection and modern facilities ensuring safety and high efficiency.


The operation of Długi Borek production facility has started in the seventies. At that time the plant was operating under the name “BACUTIL” Zakład Przemysłu Paszowego in Gdańsk. From the very beginning the operation involved processing of animal by-products.

Beginning from 2000, thanks to huge technological and financial contribution of SARIA Bio-Industries, this place has changed beyond recognition. Multimillion investments in modernisation and expansion of the production plant made it to one of the most modern facilities nationwide, where  animal by-products, including  special material collection are processed in a comprehensive way.


The operation is complemented by the services provided under ReFood brand, which include treatment of kitchen waste and out-of-date food  as well as collection of used frying fats.

The facility has had HACCP control system since 2004, which additionally increases standards of safety and quality of meat and bone meal as well as rendered fats. SARIA facilities in Długi Borek meet all the requirements of Polish and EU regulations on treatment of animal by-products whereas environmental protection is a priority here.

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