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Przewrotne – modernity and safety.

 Przewrotne has one of the most modern facilities in Poland for management of animal by-products.

Animal by-products have been treated in Przewrotne since 1980. In the year 1997 Przewrotne plant became part of the SARIA Group. In the years 2000-2002 the plant was thoroughly modernised and upgraded, thanks to which it was fully adapted to the requirements set by the Polish and EU standards for veterinary regulations and modern animal by-products management standards. Multimillion investments in environmental protection and efficiency improvement were made. Biological effluent treatment plant was constructed, and HACCP system implemented, which allows for accurate control of individual stages of the manufacturing process. In the following years further works were conducted to modernise the production process, and investments made in facilities for feathers and mixed raw materials processing, peripheral equipment and the whole infrastructure.

Currently the SARIA plant in Przewrotne is a modern operation where thousands of tons of  animal by-products and kitchen waste are processed in a safe way for humans and the environment. Products with excellent parameters are manufactured here and sold to customers from various industries.

SARIA Polska Sp. z o.o.
Oddział Sarval w Przewrotnem
Przewrotne 323
36-003 Przewrotne
tel.: +48 17 851 00 84
fax: +48 17 851 00 09


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