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Stare Tarnowo – always close to the customer.

 Company development requires courage to face challenges and willingness to invest in employees and technologies.

The plant in Stare Tarnowo near Czempin in wielkopolskie province started its business activity already in the 40-ies as BACUTIL Poznań. The company operated under this name until 1991 when it was transformed into POZBAC P.P.P. Poznań. In 1997 the plant became privatised and was acquired by SARIA in May 2008.

The plant in Stare Tarnowo currently provides comprehensive services of collection and transport of special material and animal by-products from meat and food processing industry, as well as disposal of out-of-date food and kitchen waste. Services are provided at the area of western and central Poland.

As in other SARIA locations in Poland, also here the plant is being gradually modernised. The vehicle fleet is systematically modernised, the expenditure for environmental protection increased and the scope of services offered extended.

SARIA Polska Sp. z o.o.
Oddział Stare Tarnowo
Stare Tarnowo 8
64-020 Czempiń
tel.: +48 61 282 72 17
fax: +48 61 282 75 10



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