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Wielkanoc – prepared for future challenges.

 SARIA company processes thousands of tonnes of animal by-products per year in Wielkanoc plant.

The beginning of activity related to management of animal by-products in Wielkanoc goes back to the end of 70-ies and the beginning of 80-ies when Zakład Przemysłu Paszowego BACUTIL was established in Cracow. In the year 1997 the SARIA-Group acquired the declining plant.

In the year 1998 thorough modernisation of the whole facility started. Multimillion investments in facilities, technical infrastructure and logistics were accompanied by systematic improvement of staff qualifications as well as optimisation of the quality of provided services. Granting a HACCP certificate in 2005 completed the process of adapting the entire activity to the new national and EU standards.
In the year 2008 the effluent treatment plant equipped with modern ultrafiltration facility for wastewater treatment ensuring high reliability and efficiency of operation was put into service.

Currently Wielkanoc treats animal by-products from agricultural and food processing industry, particularly from meat processing industry. The plant also deals with collection of special material and professional disposal of out-of-date food and kitchen waste.

SARIA Polska Sp. z o.o.
Oddział Secanim w Wielkanocy
32-075 Gołcza
tel.: +48 12 387 30 60
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