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Sustainability at SARIA –
Current practice and future challenge.

 With their diverse products and services and responsible handling of natural resources, all SARIA Group companies make ecological and economic contribution to sustainability.

The SARIA Group has a long tradition of acting responsibly and thus sustainably. In particular, economics and ecology are not regarded as mutually exclusive. Conserving the environment by processing by-products in the best way and adopting sustainable business management have been key planks of our corporate activities for years. SARIA takes a variety of measures to minimise natural resources consumption and in particular reduce use of fossil fuels, thereby reducing the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases.

Producing “green energy” from biogas, and quality fertilisers from organic waste, manufacturing ecological biodiesel fuel, and using animal by-products to generate energy as an alternative to using fossil fuels are just some examples of SARIA’s wide range of activities in this area.

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